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c'mon pokemon

New Year's Eve is almost here! Time to summon my spirit Pokemon!

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Merry Christmas everybody! Finally feel all christmessy after a few gins and lots and lots of ham, chicken and super rare steak. Mmmmm. Also got Frankie Rose and the Outs on vinyl for christmas. Mean! Will hopefully be posting more after the holidays.

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Christmas Eve

It's Christmas eve today in the southern hemisphere, the weather is slightly overcast, humidity is within bearable limits and yet I still feel like Christmas isn't set to come for a couple more months. Gimme some of that Christmas cheer, Steve Carell.

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Black Swan

I am so excited to see Black Swan. The lure of Natalie Portman and the Russian Constructivist-esque posters for the film designed by La Boca is enough to make anyone run to the theatres.

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Rob Pruitt x Opening Ceremony

I really enjoy when artists collaborate with fashion. Rob Pruitt collaborates with opening ceremony to create these cheeky tee-shirts. I don't know much about Rob Pruitt so I will take what opening ceremony says about him on their website. "Rob Pruitt plays with the notions of branding and representation with works that have an immediate pop-happy appeal. Based on the silkscreened paintings from his series "rob pruitt's t-shirt collection," opening ceremony has momentously paired with the artist to exclusively produce four of the t-shirts: you are mickey, copulating pandas, malcolm mclaren, and cocaine."

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I went to a nutritionist today and discovered I am allergic to fructans. I have no idea what they are but they make my colon do funny things. Food martians invading planet colon. Fructans are associated with things like sorbitol found in chewing gum thus making my diet even more limited than it already was.

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Christmas Wishlist

 Lonely Hearts Underwear
 Classique X Perfume
Moleskin Diary
Moon Tights from Topshop
More storage space for all my shit.

I'm not one to buy into the sentimental nature of christmas and the notion of peace on earth etc but I do love getting shit. It's exactly one week 'til christmas and it still feels like winter (I live in the southern hemisphere) and it has been hard to shake the feeling I am still at uni. This might change after I have consumed copious amount of turkey and the cranberry crap my mum makes for christmas dinner. 

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I have recently discovered the show Misfits and I LOVE IT! Misfits is a British comedy-drama series about a group of young offenders forced to work in a community service programme, where they attain supernatural powers after a strange electrical storm. Misfits is the likely outcome of the TV programs heroes and skins having a baby. The five main characters all have something about their characters that make them incredibly intriguing and watchable. For example my favourite in Simon. On the surface he looks like serial killer waiting for his next victim but as season two develops he becomes more complex and a total babe in my eyes.


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Blurring the lines between reality and fiction

I love when batshit crazy people play batshit crazy people on film. Case in point Mel Gibson. His latest film is called The Beaver. It is about a guy who has severe problems with functioning normally in society kinda like Mel Gibson in real life. Then it starts getting all kinds of weird when he starts talking through a derelict looking beaver he finds in a dumpster. I find this actually to be really hilarious which I don't think was the actual intention behind the film but either way it is lol-inducing.

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Confession d'un Enfant du Siecle

Pete Doherty and Charlotte Gainsbourg are set to star in a french film about the 19th Century poet and dramatist Alfred de Musset. Although Pete Doherty is most commonly associated with substance dependency, I am actually genuinely excited to see this. He has started blogging about his preparation for the film on his new blog Albion Rooms and writes "My character must display natural grace and poise – as was expected of a young aristocrat and dandy of 1830s French society". I personally think Doherty would be really well suited for this role. The film will be based upon de Musset's autobiographical writing The Confession of a Child of the Century also known as Confession d'un Enfant du Siecle.

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Ronnie Spector Rates Best Coast and Noisettes

Ronnie Spector was asked by Spin mag to rate some modern bands. Best Coast, Dum Dum Girls and Noisettes were among those chosen and rated by the living legend. You can catch the whole article here.

What she had to say about the Dum Dum Girls wasnt too kind so I will ignore that for the while. But she had great things to say about Best Coast.

Lo-fi West Coast surf pop sung by the year's breakout, button-cute frontwoman, Bethany Cosentino.
Ronnie Says: "It's cute. I hear a little bit of Debbie Harry in the vocals, but there is too much echo on her voice. I don't think this would be a hit in the '60s, but I could hear it in the late '70s."

This is what she has to say about my new favourite band Noisettes. Although their album came over a year ago I cant help but hum away to their catchy pop music yet with a soulful twist.

After a punk-y debut, these Brits pushed singer Shingai Shoniwa to the forefront on stirring second effort.
Ronnie Says: "I like her voice a lot, it's different. It's got a great hook. This would have been a top twenty hit in the '60s. The production seems perfect for this song."

Check out their myspace here

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Tom Waits Rock n Roll Hall of Fame

Tom Waits will be inducted in 2011 into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Awesome! This is what it says on the Hall of Fame website "Beginning with his first album in 1973, Tom Waits has carved out a unique place in rock and roll. His music mixes Chicago blues, parlor ballads, beat poetry, pulp-fiction parlance and – when you least expect it – heart-breaking tenderness. His enormously influential live shows combine elements of German cabaret, vaudeville and roadhouse rock. After establishing a successful early style as a wry singer-songwriter, Waits went through a dramatic expansion with Swordfishtrombones (1983). Disregarding musical borders and commercial considerations, he set off in wild pursuit of the Muse. Waits has composed film scores, musical theatre and an operetta. He has co-written with Keith Richards and William Burroughs." About freaking time this happened.

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Tank Girl Playlist

I have been feeling pretty 90's the whole week. I don't know whether it is the fact that I have been swimming at the beach everyday thus turning my hair into some magnificent salty dread resembling the hairstyle of that era or whether it's because I have been wearing a lot of plaid. What better way to embrace my grungy malaise then to make a tank girl playlist.

No Doubt - I'm Just a Girl

Hole - Malibu

Joan Jett & Paul Westerberg - Let's Do It

Veruca Salt - Aurora

Bush - Bomb

Peaches - Boys Wanna Be Her

L7 - Shove

Magnificent Bastards - Mockingbird Girl

Joan Jett - Bad Reputation

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Jeff Bridges

^ This one if my favourite! ^

(all images sourced from : coverjunkie)

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