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I have moved to the darkside! I now will be using tumblr until further notice. I may change my mind and come back to blogspot in the distance or near future. The internet is such a fickle thing.

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Set a place for the Big Mac

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder or in this case the holder of the Big Mac. 

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Odd Future

Pitchfork posted a comprehensive article on the new rap kids in town Odd Future. Check it out here!!
I'm loving their ballsy approach to music in the this modern age. With the increasing publicity of the private many people are becoming increasing censored whereas these guys have a no holds barred approach. For an example of this check out Tyler the Creator's twitter page.

Also talking about odd future gives me a chance to post this video clip about the swagger wagon. Coming from a sociological background I really have to bite my tongue and not go into depth on this one but hopefully everyone can see the multifaceted tones that advertising like this exudes. Although it definitely has a certain epic lol factor.

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Lanvin Luv

I am absolutely besotted with the latest Lanvin Fall 2011 collection. Above are a few of my favourites. There is such a strong influence of Jodorowsky in this collection and I hope that this was the source of inspiration because his films are amazing. Here is an image from Holy Mountain and El Topo to give you an idea of the imagery Jodorowsky weaves into his psychedelic cine-mastery.

The level of mysticism held in both these films and in the Lanvin collection is through these big floppy hats. They mask the face and give a level of secrecy and intimacy. Not to mention the 70's vibe through the earthy colours and cut. 

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A Playlist To Make Me Feel Better About Aging...

The Tammy's - Egyptian Shumba

The Everly Brothers - Bye Bye Love

Chuck Berry - You Never Can Tell

The Monks - I Can Never Get Over  You

Gene Vincent & His Blue Caps - Cat Man

Little Richard - Lucille

Joe Bennet and The Sparkletones - Black Slacks

The Chiefs - Apache!

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Billie Gif

This is a gif I made for my friend Billie. She lives in Wellington now. 

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Love this look.

I love this one particular look from the Dolce and Gabbana a/w 11/12 collection. If it wasn't for the way the pants and jackets were cropped then this could come off looking like a tranny zoot suit but the way that it looks in motion here is just pure bliss. Who would have thought pinstripe could go with animal print?

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Last Death Valley Gig Ever!

Come along to Whammy tonight at St Kevin's Arcade for Death Valley's last ever show. It FREE! (Plus I'm djing in between bands under the name Kiki McNugget)

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Now this is something that I can say, without a doubt, is fucking awesome. 

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New Black Lips Video

I don't know how I feel after watching the new Black Lips video. Part of me loves it merely because it is the Black Lips but then the other part of me is not so fond. This other part of me thinks that the video is way too hipster for my liking and the fact that they feature the Vivian Girls prancing round in their underroos just simply makes me mad. Partly because the Vivian Girls are hacks, partly because of my love of yoghurt and partly because of my jealously of not being able to travel the world on awesome boats with good looking people. Oh yeah and the song is decent enough, I guess. 

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March cha cha

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The Golden Dawn! Wednesday 2nd March!


This Wednesday will be the DJ debut of "Shady and the Tramp" as The Golden Dawn situated between Ponsonby Road and Richmond Road. Here is a blurb that Mister Crawley was nice enough to write for us.

"Ladies and hounds... introducing the cutest pair of DJ mutts you ever will see. They just love getting their paws on dirty rock'n'roll, rascally country, and the swinging sounds of yesteryear. Bow WOW. Woof. "

Check out their blog -->

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How Relevant Is bFM In 2011?

Although I have yet to read the Metro article on the relevancy of Bfm it does give me great delight to know like-minded people out there share the same anguish I do about this so called "student" radio station. After the appointment of Manu to Bfm it seems as if things went from bad to worse. This is some who used to programe direct Mai Fm! A station I thoroughly enjoy listening to but for completely different reasons. The fact that he has put these young stupid "indeh" kids on the radio is beyond rational thought. I let the radio station know this via their txt message service that is suppose to be confidential and to my dismay the presenter at the time read out my txt and my mobile phone number and asking listeners to send derrogatory txt messages to my number. Along with this being completely unacceptable and also illegal in regards to the Broadcasting Standards Authority, I emailed Manu about this and it took him over three days to reply! His reply was unsatisfactory and I later heard that he asked who I was to other Bfm and then asked if I was hot!? In hindsight I should have taken it to the Broadcasting Standards Authority just so I could have wiped the smile of that smug bastard's face.

Check out this blogpost from ---> How Relevant Is bFM In 2011?

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