The Bearded Lady

(Source: Patrick Mohr, Berlin Fashion Week

Feminine facial hair has started to pervade my periphery. Wanting to know the cause of the real life cases that have sparked the bearded trend in fashion and music, I did some investigating. Through the most trusted of all sites and the pinacle of academia ; wikipedia, I found the main reasons why women suffer from excessive facial hair:-
-hormonal imbalance
-a rare genetic disorder called 'hypertrichosis'

However, like most things that don't confine to the hegemonic norms of society they are stigmatized and labeled 'freak shows' and found refuge in the circus and carnivals during the frigid Victorian era. However living in the present idiosyncratic society means that these abnormalities are given a wider focal point through musicians like CocoRosie and the fashion shows of Patrick Mohr.

(Source: Youtube

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