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Alex Prager

(source: Big Weekend 2008
Alex Prager is an extremely talented photographer from Los Angeles. I think she rules! I do not profess to know much about art but here's a stab in the dark at trying to describe these beauties. Cindy Sherman meets glamour with some subtle dark undertones that I cant quite put my finger on. You can also spot Alex Wasser from IMBOYCRAZY in a few of them, another chick who totally frickin' rules. These are taken from a collection of shots entitled Big Weekend. Check her out -->

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Taylor Momsen

For some halloween is all year round.
However even without her clothes she still fucking rules.

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Runaway vs Runaway

Kayne West's self directed 35minute film has been released for his upcoming album. The film is visually stunning and the music is actually pretty tolerable.

Call me sentimental but I still prefer Del Shannon's Runaway over Kanye's.

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Wanda Jackson

I saw Wanda Jackson earlier this year at the Powerstation in Auckland and was totally blown away by her ability to still be able to rock n roll even in her early 70's. She rules.

Funnel of Love is my all time favourite of Wanda's followed closely with her cover of Amy Winehouse's You Know I'm No Good.

Wanda Jackson - You Know I'm No Good (Amy Winehouse Cover)

Wanda Jackson - Funnel of Love

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I Want Candy

Halloween is almost here! I want candy.
What is the official age when one has to stop going round to houses and asking for lollies?

(image source:

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James Franco

James Franco seems to becoming more and more apart of the cultural landscape surrounding this fucked up epoch. Nevertheless, I have enjoyed everything he has been involved with as of late. I especially loved his performance in the Ginsberg inspired film "howl" (although those animated scenes annoyed the shit out of me.) Check out this Bruce Nauman inspired piece by Franco...

"Capitalizing on the concept of celebrity itself as a ready-made artwork, Alison Chernick cast the Renaissance man in today’s film, James Franco as Bruce Nauman, a contemporary update of Nauman's Art Make-Up video piece from 1967, shot on location at the Standard Hotel, New York." - via Art Ruby

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Crocodiles - Hearts of Love

Still crushing on this song! Cant wait for summer to arrive.

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Sleigh Bells - Infinity Guitars

I must confess I havn't always liked Sleigh Bells but since this video clip came out with the main chick wearing the gossip girl uniform looking like a regular bad ass, naturally I am won over instantly.

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