How Relevant Is bFM In 2011?

Although I have yet to read the Metro article on the relevancy of Bfm it does give me great delight to know like-minded people out there share the same anguish I do about this so called "student" radio station. After the appointment of Manu to Bfm it seems as if things went from bad to worse. This is some who used to programe direct Mai Fm! A station I thoroughly enjoy listening to but for completely different reasons. The fact that he has put these young stupid "indeh" kids on the radio is beyond rational thought. I let the radio station know this via their txt message service that is suppose to be confidential and to my dismay the presenter at the time read out my txt and my mobile phone number and asking listeners to send derrogatory txt messages to my number. Along with this being completely unacceptable and also illegal in regards to the Broadcasting Standards Authority, I emailed Manu about this and it took him over three days to reply! His reply was unsatisfactory and I later heard that he asked who I was to other Bfm and then asked if I was hot!? In hindsight I should have taken it to the Broadcasting Standards Authority just so I could have wiped the smile of that smug bastard's face.

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