Ronnie Spector Rates Best Coast and Noisettes

Ronnie Spector was asked by Spin mag to rate some modern bands. Best Coast, Dum Dum Girls and Noisettes were among those chosen and rated by the living legend. You can catch the whole article here.

What she had to say about the Dum Dum Girls wasnt too kind so I will ignore that for the while. But she had great things to say about Best Coast.

Lo-fi West Coast surf pop sung by the year's breakout, button-cute frontwoman, Bethany Cosentino.
Ronnie Says: "It's cute. I hear a little bit of Debbie Harry in the vocals, but there is too much echo on her voice. I don't think this would be a hit in the '60s, but I could hear it in the late '70s."

This is what she has to say about my new favourite band Noisettes. Although their album came over a year ago I cant help but hum away to their catchy pop music yet with a soulful twist.

After a punk-y debut, these Brits pushed singer Shingai Shoniwa to the forefront on stirring second effort.
Ronnie Says: "I like her voice a lot, it's different. It's got a great hook. This would have been a top twenty hit in the '60s. The production seems perfect for this song."

Check out their myspace here

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  1. Stacey says:

    ooh, totes downloading that noisettes album

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