Mickey Ward -The Fighter

I watched The Fighter last week and was mildly surprised at how watchable it was. It had an amazing cast and the underdog storyline made it quite an enjoyable watch. Not to mention of course Christian Bale's performance! Although he gives most people the overall impression that he is a bit of a twat no one ever doubts his acting abilities. He is quite possibly one of the greatest actors of our time, a big call to make but just the calibre of performances he has given throughout the years is mind boggling. I was hooked from the moment I saw Empire of the Sun (although we must forgive him being in that awful remake of little women). In my opinion his latest performance as Dicky Eklund is worthy of an Oscar. 

The strange thing about this film is that you form an emotional and inquisitorial attachment to the story of Micky Ward which led to me to watch the Ward v. Gatti trilogy after seeing this film. I have never been one to be follower of sports especially boxing so I was surprised myself that I could be so transfixed to the fights as they were being played back to back.

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