Oh Bertie!

After viewing The King's Speech last night, I am a bit smitten. I loved the entire atmosphere of the film, its tone was perfect for the time especially going into the second world war yet it didn't take the audience away from the main characters. I thought everyone played their part beautifully and I hope that Colin Firth is nominated for an oscar. The only gripe about this film is that it feels they have taken the liberty of exaggerrating King Charles VI speech impediment although it is hard not make a film surround the  King's speech impediement without exaggerrating it. The next gripe is the person who played Winston Churchill made me giggle every time he entered the scene, of which I brought this up at the time of viewing when I turned to the person next to me and asked "do you think the casting directors when trying to cast the role of Winston Churchill were like "okay, we need to cast someone whose face resembles a scrotum.""   

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