Christchurch Earthquake

When such a devastating natural disaster happens in a small country like New Zealand, there becomes this immense sense of community. Partly because it helps people grapple with the lives lost and the destruction that has occurred but also because New Zealand is a relatively new country in terms of the world’s timeline so therefore we still have many firsts to experience. Yesterday, Tuesday the 22nd of February, New Zealand experienced a few firsts: the first time a national state of emergency has been declared and the first time so much history and heritage has been destroyed in one place at one time. Christchurch was once known as being the most English city outside of England but now much of this beautiful heritage architecture has been devastated. We live in a nation where two degrees of separation is a reality; everyone in New Zealand has some ties one way or another to Christchurch and, with such a large number of lives lost, it means that everyone is affected. One can only offer their thoughts and deepest sympathies to all the families who have lost loved ones and those who are still waiting on the rescue of the 300 still missing.

Please give generously to this appeal! Every cent counts.

"Red Cross launches appeal
New Zealand Red Cross has launched the "New Zealand Red Cross 2011 Earthquake Appeal" to support those affected by the recent Canterbury earthquake. 
All funds will be used towards the New Zealand Red Cross response to the disaster, including transport and provision of goods. As weeks go by, different needs will be identified and Red Cross, there for the long haul with your help, will be meeting them. 
A 6.3 magnitude earthquake hit the Canterbury area at 12.51pm on February 22. The quake, approximately 5km underground and located 10km south east of the city has caused wide spread damage, bursting sewage lines, damaging buildings and homes, cutting power and telephone lines to many areas of the city. "

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