One Tree Hill

One thing that I have always been at odds with is One Tree Hill. I just simply don't understand it. Yeah, yeah it's a television programme involving teenage drama and yaddah yaddah. BUT DOES IT HAVE TO BE SOOOO BORING! At least Dawson's Creek had van der geek, Suri's mom and Michelle Williams. Have any of the cast gone onto do something worthy of an oscar nomination? hmmmmm I didn't think so.
P.s. Auckland used to have a place called One Tree Hill because it was a hill with only one tree on it. They cut it down due to it being a hazard of some sort. They still call the hill One Tree Hill. This story reminds me of the show. Is there even a one tree hill? It is so boring the specifics get lost on me. Maybe they should rename the show and the hill in auckland (N)One Tree Hill. Or just cancel it all together either or is good with me. 

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